I The following work has been co-directed/directed, Camera Operation with CineCam (C100) DSLR (5DII), GOPRO, and various recorders. The Audio tracks are all organised and directed by J.O.A (fr).

Intrinsium (Coming Soon) from Lore Danger on Vimeo.

Soothing Silence. from Lore Danger on Vimeo.

“Vested Interests” from Lore Danger on Vimeo.

Here is my work with French label FSTPMP. Records. You can go direct to the FSTPMP. Records Vimeo page here:

Here I worked with Tasmanian music duo OOC (Out Of Context) for a promo video for their release party at Möbius Lounge Bar, in Hobart.

You can find more of my work on here:

And here is one of my first ever video edits/creations to show where I began to where I am at now.