Australian Camerman : Patrick “Løre Danger” Webb.

Based in Bø i Telemark, Norge.

Tel: +47 463 87 670



1st Cameraman / DP / Professional Photographer

Specialist Photographer: Patrick Webb, better known as Løre Danger, has been working passionately his whole life in image making. His focus on the artistic discipline of photography took its course in 2008, where Løre moved away from his university discipline of graphic design as the main focus and picked up a camera as his full time passion and direction!

Since then, Løre has worked in Canada, U.S. of America, U.K., Germany and in his homeland of Australia. His definitive years in pulled him into the league of professionalism in his 2+ years in London, England. Later Løre moved to Hamburg, Germany, where he worked as a full time concert and travel photographer and camera operator. He has also been, between 2016 to 2019, working the city of Würzburg, Germany, for many clients, from music to industry video productions.

Patrick is now officially based in Bø in Telemark, Norway, working for Heapsgood Prouctions as the Director of Photography.

Languages Spoken: English and German + (litt Norsk)

Patrick Webb CV / Resume 2018

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