Profiling Frederik in 10 minutes!

Frederik had some important applications to fulfill and needed some new headshots. A quick 10 minute session outside, in the sun, set us up for a nice outside / natural portrait. Of course, you need to plan a little before shooting outside and the following photo displays the simplicity of getting the shot properly exposed.

A BTS photo of the set-up outside. Assisted by Ernesto and Theresa!

And now you can see the results. Just by diffusing the sun on Fred, you can really balance out the photo. The first and second image Fred was standing with the sun approx. 45 degrees above from his right (Cam-Left) and the third image he had the sun directly behind him with a white-bounce to fill. The sun, of course, is bright and Fred fought hard to keep the eyes open, however, we were able to achieve what he asked me to do.

I hope that these “tutorial” behind the scenes photos are helpful for the community of creatives out there. I like to share the knowledge and also improve my work by taking simple steps to get that shot. If this was helpful, let me know what you think and what you might like to see in future projects! Thanks for now!

– Patrick