The Permalin Farm, in Trøndelag, Norway.

The Permalin Farm

The last week has been busy for everyone involved in the Permalin Farm Project. I myself had the honour of being a part of the early documentation process and interviewing the steadkeeps. The Permalin Farm directors Dominika and Håkon have embarked on a seemingly difficult journey to develop a permaculture paradise – alongside running a bakery, too! – to help promote the idea of sustainable ways of living and promoting healthier lifestyle for others to get inspired by.

My job was simple: be there and film the daily lives of those on the farm. There is a mixture of professionals and international volunteers who grace this stomping ground of nourishment. One comment that made, was that it is really nice to see people caring and making an effort towards an ethical life-choice and a more humble way to wake up.

Although the weather leaving much to be desired, there was plenty to do and many interesting perspectives of life on a farm such as Permalins. It was really refreshing to get out into the nature and be a part of a new beginning and, most of all, an ethically and morally positive one.

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Cheers and greeting out of Trondheim, Norway!
– Patrick Webb