Cutting Grip …

Cutting Grip …

Not a likely combination to see together.

G’day all,
I’m going to share with you a photographers frustration. Now, for those who have batterygrips for their cameras, you will know, and more specfically Canon users, that there is a little plastic fingerdial that turns the 3/4 screw into the bottom of the camera to fasten. Maybe some of you know that it is entirely made of plastic internally. If you didn’t, you do now. Now, plastic overtime, with heavy use, can turn into dust and this is very much the case for me. The miniature cogsystem that turns the screw are entirely built up with a pretty poor quality plastic. I thought to myself: “why skimp on the internal function with low-quality plastic instead of metal?”

Here is the mini-gap that forced me to hack through. Lucky there was that space!

Thus brings me to a painful first experience of cutting a batterygrip off of my 5D. To other users out there, you’d probably be thinking: “isn’t there any other way you could’ve avoided this?” My answer: “I tried.” The only alternative to turn the screw was to hack right through it, unfortunately!

Don’t bother complaining… it’s too late.

I am pretty happy, despite destroying a part of my equipment that I rely on, that I was able to part them. If the screw had’ve been tighter/closer in, then it might have been impossible to hack the screw and I would have had no way to power the camera! Alas, I look at the replacement parts and they wobble around the $30USD for a shitty little plastic cog, which I find idiotic.

So, that is it for my little experience here and I hope that the community of photographers can be aware of this little fault and if the dial is playing up, open up the grip and replace it. A mate of mine suggested to 3D-print a copy, however, I think that it would be nice to have a metal piece the next round.

Cheers and until next time, keep it real!

– Patrick