Q.Age – Brother (Music Video)


I have been waiting for TT7 Records to release Q.Age’s new track “Brother” for a couple of months now. I directed and shot this music video in Würzburg, Germany late last year (2018) and finished the edit, along with the BTS video in January this year (2019). This project came from inspirational talks with Cosmin, the drummer from Q.Age and label manager of TT7 Records, over a year ago, where I presented a few ideas to him – especially shooting the scene in the exact pizza shop (which was my original thought) – and wanting to shoot a live scene along-side. The music video entails many aspects and layers, where I tried a few new techniques and also staying within the time-constraints that we had at these venues.

Location hunting was fun. However, there were some complications with the live venue, as a contact of mine had come to an awkward end which made the connection no more pleasant to work with – which was a terrible shame. However, it was dealt with on moral grounds, where I couldn’t accept the behaviour of the other party. It was left on a mutual handshake, however, never to interact again. These moments make it difficult, especially when you’re trying to achieve a goal and work with amazing locations and people, not only for the music video, but also exposure for all.

However, this lead us to the location used in the music video, which, I would comment honestly here: “saved the music video“. If we had’ve gone with the other location, the numbers of people for the crowd would have been expected almost none. By chance, there were willing people in the complex-block who came and joined and filled out the room – to our questioned-offer of attendance! Then we had our sold-out show!

Isn’t it amazing how things just work out – even at the last minute?

So, there were some nice camera techniques that I finally got to try out, especially with the Ronin-S gimbal system. I had not a lot of time for set-up and I had plopped the 5D with a fisheye lens on it and hoped for the best! Least to say, we were totally satisfied with the results. I tried the crane effect, by mounting the Ronin-S to my mono-pod, to get that extra reach. Wow, it was so simple, but gave it that big production feel. øøe I also got to use the plethora of cameras, which I posses, in this production, where I wanted to find out how good they can operate, and in which scenarios they operate better in. For the opening scene, I used the Canon M50 with the Adapter and the Canon 35mm f/ 1.4 L on the Ronin-S – and to my surprise, the images look really nice. The concert scenes, I used the Canon C100 on a tripod and handheld and the 5D-II on the Ronin-S and craned.

With the BTS video, I used primarily the C100 for all shots. As this camera is the most versatile, in my opinion. Note: I use the Blackmagic Video Assist to pull-out Pro-res videos, as the internal AVCHD codec isn’t my cuppa-t for post-prod.

For lighting, I use the Lightpanels LED-mini-fresenel lights, as they have a great CRI and output and have no flicker. That is important for me. When conducting the interviews, I had a massive 120cm octa-box, which cost 20,- Euro on the interwebs and is an exceptional diffusion for the LED lights – bounce and mmmm.

Audio … well, of course you need some mics. I have been using Rode (Aussie-co.) mics for all of my projects, especially the NTG4. They work nicely.

The music is now officially released and can be played on spotify and bought through TT7 Records’s website.

It was a pleasure to work again with Ami and Cosmin – these guys are absolute troopers and I wish all the success to them in their future projects (with and without me)!

So, here are the videos to enjoy!