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Using the 17mm TS-E 4L “… what a piece of glass.”

G’day all,

So, I have the pleasure of using the mystical lens from Canon, finally in the hands; on the camera! — , for the duration of a week. I have a big job to complete, which is why I hired the 17mm TS-E 4L , to capture some architectural pieces from the company. Also, I get to use it to train myself before the week starts, to know how the lens works, particularity with panoramas in perspective. That means, of course, I made some photos and stitched them in photoshop together.

After learning some Spanish over the weekend, and photographing with a nice piece of glass, – and the weather allowing me to stay motivated to go outside without any more clothes than necessarily accepted. So, making photos at night isn’t too much of a physically behindered unmotivated grumpiness attitude, as to going out in the cold of the night. That is, indeed, the plus of the warmer season change: going out to photograph the world in Tilt/Shift perspective.

Here are two examples from my yesterday. I have a dream to use one with the Aurora and starred sky, with a white ground blending into a forestry-ly darkness. Then the Aurora dancing across worlds stage from our Earths view … what a dream.

Enjoy the meantime with a Harbour and a Park photo.

In the Park, Wuerzburg, Germany. April 2018

In the Harbour of Sleepless Dreams. Wuerzburg, Germany. April 2018