A New Background in Grey!

G’day all!

I’ve been a little slow to post this up, but I have completed painting a new backdrop for the Studio. This time I have opted to paint grey, as I found with my blue backdrop being too strong with the colour and the reflections, I went neutral. The grey can be conditioned and coloured in practice, which is easier to control whilst photographing and also in post-processing. The nice thing about this is: I have, well had, 6m on my blue backdrop, so I cut off 2m and pained on the backside. The backside had a white and blue blottched effect, which added some character to the grey layer, giving some depth and highlights.

Again, no crazy secret artist tips here – i’m using house paint and the standard tools, which can be taken off of the shelves in a hardware store. This one cost me nothing! As I had all of the tools left form the last purchase, even the paint! It was just a matter of doing it!

The “in studio” photos, – the persons are my colleagues and Chef actually – are examples of how one can control the background light and colour. Simple, but you gotta make it first! It also helps to have the good equipment at your disposal!

The real work is done with your hands.