Rainy Days in the Studio.

G’day all,

I had a little spurt of creativity for a Sunday photo session in the studio. I wanted to recreate a photo style, which was really super appealing (to me) and what I find to be a cool creative-fun shoot. I got the inspiration from Gavin Hoey (he has here some more cool tips & tutorials http://www.gavtrain.com/) and I wanted to see if I could do it. So, I hopped on the longboard and skated down to the city studio to give it a try.

I set up the studio, see picture above, with a sheet of see-though perspex – drilling little holes in each corner and affixing it with cable-ties to hang it from the background stand. I left enough space in the cable-tie loops to be able to send the hanging bar through the loops on each side. Perspex is great to use as it is light and you don’t have to be too worried about it falling, compared to glass!

The Table … well, it was a ghetto job, naturally, as I had no actual slabs of wood, I had to improvise. At the start of the year we Installed a new floor in the studio with Laminate click-floor and there are some sheets left-over. With that at my disposal, I had a nice wooden-looking tabletop plopped on top of a wooden-workhorse to create my table.

The inside effect: as you can see on the right side, I have set up a blackboard to hide a strip-light and to give it some sort of form. I like how it looks and it kept the light off the side of me keeping that contrast nice and deep. Plus a little light on the background helps to separate your subject from the background. I did try it without a light for the back, but it was just too dark and the image just didn’t pop. But that is all a matter opinion and is always dependent on the artists themselves!

The Rain: I just got a squirty-bottle with some tap-water in it and sprayed it on (mist-mode activated) to apply the drops. Some would run down creative that valley, which is a nice effect –– realistic, I guess! Don’t forget to place a towel or two under your perspex, as it will get wet! Plus make sure you don’t spray on your electrical equipment!

The Blitz-System: I am using a local brand of lights form Wuerzburg, called Hensel Light Performance – they are professional flashes and hold their colour-temparature very well. Anyways, I have only used two for this photo; an Octabox with a grid for the key-light; and a Strip-light for the background (as mentioned before). I have the Octa’ from above and side on to the subject, to replicate daylight.

F-Stop! In this photo I measured the Key-light (the Octabox), with my Sekonic light-meter, to f/8. The strip-light was measured around f/5.6. My camera – still using the Canon 5D2 with a 35mm f/1.4L – was set to f/8, 1/125, ISO 125 @ 35mm.

Ok, so that is everything, you can get started shooting with all that, just stick in a chair and your desired subject and get shooting!

Here are my results. I also photoshopped in a reflection on the glass. I went back into my photo-bank and pulled out some nice landscape photos from a couple adventures and blurred them a little and used “Screen” blending mode and changed the opacity to around 20-30%. Again, this is just by feel and what looks good to me. Simple, fun quick little Sunday project. Done!

Cheers all, I hope you enjoyed!

Løre 11/2/2018