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Mini Skate Sesh + Ghost Series (WüeTown)

G’day Spookers,

So, the Bae went to Yoga for an hour and I was left outside in the madness – So here is proof that Madness happened. It is amazing what one can do with an hours time and camera equipment. haha I got inspired also to snap a Ghostie – which I haven’t been doing lately (don’t know why!) but 2018 should see some more spectres. I also have been looking at bombing this hill with the skateboard for a long time, but without a crew to watch out for cars, it is just tooo risky. But I think would be a tonne of fun to do.

On the Carver would also be a nice ride down, cutting in on some tail slides and some big knotties! Stoked to get the juices flowing after a big-ass Fever, which kept me in bed all week! Now feeling a little better, I thought to treat the sudden return of energy to the gods of motion.Anyway, this is to be a short and crispy post. Keep it rockin’!


The Løre Danger Ghost Series XCVII – Street Slider

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