Shooting with Diego from Chile (in Würzburg).

I had the pleasure of shooting a range of styles, outside and in Studio, on this sunny Sunday here in Würzburg. The task was set and I got to play with my camera in the way I wanted to. Diego agreed to come out for a photo-mission with my, however, he had no prior experience being photographed on a professional level. “Easy,” I said, “just take it easy and see it as a bit of fun.”

I have been training myself for the last weeks using flashes, not only inside, but outside too. I have been curious on this topic for ages and finally I am able to work on the craft a little more. In studio it is sometimes too controlled and I like the aspect of randomness when you’re out in public spaces.

The next experiment will probably be next month, as I have to paint a background specific for this exercise: I will build a studio outside and take the big octobox with me and make some nature amazingness.

A big shout out to Diego, you are a legend, mate! Cheers for coming along and having a chat, coffee and getting photographed.


Now, here are the photos:

Playing with some colours here, Great shot with the Areocraft in the background darting across the sky to finish off the artwork that I’ve captured. Randomness can be a legit addition to my work…

A classic style portrait, shot with natural light (accidentally). The flash didn’t fire, as it was recycling charge, and then I got my sunlight, through the trees, across Diego giving him a nice contrast.

BTS: This is the battery operated flash unit by Helio (some China brand) and it works quite well outside against the light. It will be nice to use it for some skateboard photography (future blah)

Indiscriminate Selfage.

Another BTS: just one flash off to the side (this is my Canon 580 EX II) to rim the subjects face and making the outline crispier!

Colour correction is great to have when you’re in any situation – post production can be a pain in the neck when your AWB is constantly shifting… this little thing is a speeder for the editor!