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Enhancing Portraits in Photoshop. (Quick Tips)

This is a photo I took of Hanah in the FFX Studio in Würzburg last week and I decided to play around with photoshop to get this “effect”. I’ve used 2 simple steps, which I just found some tutorials on Youtube:

1. Sunburst: Just using the paintbrush tool to create the sunburst effect is so simple and it looks great. To get the colour casting, you’ll just have to apply Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer and play around with the saturation levels till you get your desired effect. I chose blue for the light, as I like the orange and blue colour effects together. You can experiment around – as the possibilities and combos are really endless.

2. The Blast Rays: First you will create a copy of your main Image Layer and then using Radial Blur in your Filters Options, you can adjust which direction the blur blasts out form. You might have to have a few tries to get the positioning of your motion right – it took me about 4 tries to get it in the right position. Then you will have to mask your blurred layer, use the Fill Tool to black out the mask and then use the Paintbrush Tool, setting it to around 30% Strength/Flow, setting it to white, and then paint in your Rays till you have your desired effect. You can reverse the strength of your rays by switching the fill to black to de-intensify or black out the layer opacity. You’ll have to play around with it a little till your desired effect.

This is the original photo that was taken in studio. It is a super nice shot, but I felt it was missing something… So, into Photoshop for some experimentation.


Here is the final result with just those 2 simple steps. Not bad, I think.

This is what I came up with in just 30 minutes of playing around with my photo and I think it looks alright. Tell me what you think about it, hit me up and give some feedback or ask questions if you feel!

– Løre