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Wandering into a dream. **UPDATED**

G’day Dreamers,

this week was filled with “de-stressing” from the huge amount of work flowing in from the weeks before and ahead. I have a 2 week break from my workplace, but I seem to still be working on the computer at home for other clients – and that can get a little stressful from time to time.

Taking the time to get into the nature and see something other than a computer-screen and 4-walls is the best cure for madness. My buddy Mick was around in his hometown, in south-west Germany, and I took a cheap bus to go visit. Upon landing, we hit up the local foot-hills to get the blood pumping, which was exhausting after a 5 hour bus-ride, and was interesting after getting hit with that soft but wet mountain rain.

This is Micky, the Freiburger, the world traveler and a good mate of mine.

The other days flowed by quickly and the responsibilities at my home-office tore me away too quickly from my mountain adventures. Really, 2 weeks is not enough for one to wind down – especially when you have an odd-time creative job. Man.

However, I got to take my baby (my camera) back out into the wilderness and capture what I lived through, so when I am at my desk, I can remind myself how freaking awesome nature is and that I can always go visit it when the work/city life is too much.

What you see here are just a few of the myriad that I’ve taken – more to come!

I hope you all enjoy the photos!

Løre Danger, Schwarzwald, Deutschland.



I have more photos to share in this post, rather than making a new post. The wonders of nature continue!