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Short Film: on Coffee.

I’m a coffee addict, I’ll admit it.

So, I directed and shot a short film about the “happiest sound in the world” – which is the title, actually, – of a morning ritual that gets me to either work or on my creative niveau, every time. I rely on this black liquid way more than I should, and now I am going through the editing stages of the short.

I wanted to keep this as simple and super basic as possible – as well as using my partner, who’s using the boom mic to record sound and my flatmate, who generously donated her time for a spiffing cuppa + fame. There is always a lot to consider in creating a little film, even when you think it might not. I wrote a storyboard and tried to consider each frame, not only with sound, but also with the motion to rhythm to keep the viewer intrigued. A short clip can take a lot of prep and development – this is more of an over-developed homage to coffee.

I love to have some “Behind the Scenes” shots and to show some of my idea and development stages. I am finding more as I get into the filmmaking process, I am not just focusing on taking the picture, but the whole environment, atmosphere, and light … it gets horribly complicated sometimes in the head, however, trying to keep it clean and simple is the best drive forward.

Anyway, the film will be finished in the coming days and I will post a link, naturally, on my website for all to see.

Cheers and Enjoy!