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Gear Testing: The Helios “Porty-Blitz” (with Annika + Carver).

G’day all,

My boss finally dropped some cash on some new studio equipment, but this particular item is extra special: Studio light outside ability. Finally I can take he clients outside and get some epics photos of them in the nature or city and get those shots that those little speedlites just can’t handle.

So, of course this is no ProFoto gear, or Hensel (made up the road) or even Elinchrom – but despite the Euro-re-labeling of the China made studio flash, it is a good punch of flash light. I didn’t really put it to too much to the test, as I wanted really to quick test it out on the sun. So, Annika and I jumped into the Bär (the car), too the gear down to the waterfront and got these following examples with the classic Fortress in the background – how we wanted it.

I didn’t use any softboxes, just the pure light, however I am interested to see how it goes with an Assistant and some dramatic sunrise and sunset shots! So far I am super stoked with how the flash performs and I am looking forward to taking it out on a Skate-day skirmish and really work it out!

Till then, enjoy these Autumn loving photos!


Løre Danger, Würzburg … or WueTown, 01.11.2017.