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Mr. Arafad Mohammed, from Somalia, in Würzburg.

G’day all,

I have had another great honour of photographing a character out of the depths of Somalia, who’s named Arafad, in the Studio today. His story stems from a myriad of tragic and hard times of the past – and by past it is not so distant or foreign to that of others of war torn and corrupt nations and members of these lands who’ve fled the clutches of human evil; – and sticks us right between paths, in Würzburg, Germany.

Arafad, like many others, are warm and happy souls, who – obviously – are just like the rest of us human beings, continues to throw out laughter and the positive side of life into the faces of those who “boo-hoo” in their first-world luxuries. Apart from fleeing his home, he leaves a great deal of heart-ache behind, however, I will not continue to write the little I know about his story or past and leave that up to the future and simply show his lovely character – with his story to be told through his eyes; upon his skin – in my short guest portrait series.

Never judge a (wo)man by the colour of the skin; listen to their story and you might be of a different mind. Ignorance and negligence is a poison of the past, which we as the modern people should take the positive step forward and crush those discriminate actions of man divided, and together triumph to make a better planet earth.

As an Australian, it is only a title, but I am nothing more or less than Mr. Arafad Mohammod. We’re but flesh and bone; have families and we would miss if there was a bomb dropped on our homes.

I present to you lovely people, an example of triumph:

Løre Danger, Würzburg 31-10-2017