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In Studio with (Captain) Sean Morgan from Australia, in Würzburg.

High Contrast and direct in the eye of the beholder.

G’day all,

This photo session stars a character from the same part of the world as I, Mr. Sean Morgan, from Sydney. He also lives and works in Würzburg. I got inspired to begin a series of portraits of Australians living here, starting first with Sean, and hopefully more in the future. I have also met another Australian, who owns a Tattoo studio in the same street where I work, and he goes by the name of Jan Moor. I’m hoping to get him into the studio one day for a shoot like this – Raw.

It is always interesting to meet a fellow Aussie in another eck of the world. There is always a story behind the person and to why they have left home. I’m interested to to find and meet these persons and photograph them in the studio.

Sean works as a lecturer in the University of Würzburg, as a linguistics teacher, and has been in town for about 15 years now. There is more to his story but I will keep this short and attempt to tell his story and character through my photos of Mr. Sean Morgan.

To a good bloke.


The Authoritative directing body on the topic of sound and language from Australia.

The Thinker, the Classic.

Capturing an emotion is a special event, especially when it is sincere.

In the Studio, showing off my set up for the photo session.