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Im Bundestag … ist mein Bild.

So, I have received last week that one of my portrait photos, that I took of Professor Dr. Andrew Ullmann, hangs officially in the German Parliament House and on the official Website of the “Deutscher Bundestag”. That is exciting indeed! The representative of the “Frier Demokratik Partei” or “FDP” has also invited me personally around the esteemed building of the capital! I am really honoured to photograph, not just a genuine nice person, but a man with a direction.

I hope that this is a chance for me to move on up and photograph some of the big-shots of Germany and work on some nice portraiture in the time being. I look forward to the next exciting job.

As you can see form the picture below, you will see the credits.

here is the link, if you so wish to check it out online: https://www.bundestag.de/abgeordnete/biografien/U/-/524204

Patrick “Løre Danger” Webb, Würzburg, October 2017