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Kick into Autumn with a F’k Yeah!

Colour check yourself before you wreck yourself! It’s V-important.

I finished up the work day and shuffled myself into the studio for some fun and non-sense. Here are some of the results. I wanted to nail another Ghost Series for this week, to get my blood running for my main photo style. I’ve been watching some “life as a creative” type videos and been stressing the point of getting into my “groove” as a creative and then people coming to me for my style and wanting my style for their stuff(s) – profi or private. It has come to my attention that I love jumping, skating, women in high socks and tattoos, ghosts, food and other stuff involving high-quality images in epic locations, for example – as my fav thing to photo – A naked body in a super-epic landscape location. *Kisses the air* Oh my, if I had my choice of one thing per week, it would be driving out and doing just that or any of the above (on a daily basis can be skating or portraits – i be cool there!)

So, this week is all about making my dreams a pattern of reality and me celebrating my unique style in my consistency through photography!

Peace to you, the reader, and all those who’ve not seen my work – the life if full of light and dark – just the way I like it!

Lore Danger, Wue-Town, Germany.