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Family Values

G’day All,

The Greschls came into the FFX Studio for a fun shooting session. There are always good shots to sort out when you’re just mucking around and having a little play in the studio. Some get serious, some get goofy, and some get niiiiice!

I also want to show off my hand-painted backdrop off a little more. In the coming months I will paint two more backdrops for more of my customers and projects that I would like to head this year. I was thinking of photographing the Homeless in the city and make a book of them and just cart around a single portabatt. and lamp, backdrop, two stands (for the Backdrop), and my camera. I think that it is also nice to randomly set up somewhere and photograph people who’re keen for a portrait and it also helps training the mind to see what and how it is like to work on such a public scale, subjecting you to (a) completely random outcome(s), which could be a perfect addition to the P’folio.

These shots are super simple, easy and  – in my opinion – really detailed. I shot these photos on the work camera, which is a entry-level Nikon dxxxx, I don’t know, and a shitty Sigma DX 18-200 (crappy plastic) lens and I am still able to get that high-quality images. It’s not the wand, it’s the Wizard … sometimes.

So , here are some of the fun, in studio shots that I thought were the best from the bunch to show you guys what’s been happening – and that you don’t always need super expensive stuff to deliver professional photography … it’s how you use your brain and gear to get that shot!

Leo under one key light.

Leo under 2 lights; one high and up and the other behind and high. This gives the 3D’ness to the subject and lifts him off of the background.

Here, once again, a two light set-up pulling Leo off of the background but also leaving the background with some nice depth.

Here is where and how the 2-light-set-up is positioned. I shot at f/8 and powered both the lamps by feel – I think the left (in shot) was around f/8 with a diffy and the one on the right without diffy and on full (as there is only full and half option on the old lamp).

Getting creative with one light is easy. I think this photo is a little too dark and I have changed the colour of the BD in post, to give something else from blue.

Blaow! When you talk about moving and you get this.

Dropping out colours in post is sometimes nice as it adds a heavy contrast feel – sometimes unnatural. However, in this case, there is all but natural, apart from Leo, in this picture, so I think it is OK to manipulate the colours here.

Black and White with one key light … moody.

Adding props to your set can also be fun. Annika found this Orange Brolly and played around with it in the studio – gosh it is striking off the background.

Moody portraits on a handpainted backdrop make your picture, I feel, more hand painted.

Cheers all,

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask questions on my FB, Insta or by email!

Løre Danger, Würzburg, DE