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The Løre Danger Ghost Series XCV: Only in Dark Places, you will find me.

G’day Ghosties,

I will attach some Drum’n’Bass lyrics to this Ghost Series numbah 95! I am almost to the Century! I cannot believe that it is officially to that number already! However, I have 100’s of photos backed up, but without stories to connect. As we all know the creative process is sometimes difficult to finish with something satisfactory, so they will be left in the out-box ready for the next idea(s).

Here come the DNB lyrics:

I gotta’ refrain from the comments,

gotta walk out with a smile on my face,

turn half, — show half of the side of the face,

give them what they want now,

but don’t give them everything, man.

see, — it’s all by chance,

when the world gives punches,

duck, slide, twist, bow and strike,

show the move unique with the twist — ah-ha!

of your art.

Give the truth with swings,

you know that success wins when

one is truly one within!

Seeking the game will only make sink further into darkness,.

Keep above, — that’s only where you can truly see.

I didn’t wanna seem so dark,

when the world around me seems so light.

But none wanna know the truth,

only learning what pleases their distraction from the truth.

Comments over now, — get out, go see …

live your days in the positive drive, mate.

Keep your mind on and don’t fall a fool to the systems.


So, with this I am looking for a DNB producer to make a track for me to produce this tune. Who’s up for a Collab!?

Løre Danger, Würzburg, 2017.